Children's Dentistry

As a parent, your main priority is your child. You understand how important it is that their oral health is great and they have all the tools and knowledge they need to maintain beautiful and healthy smiles as adults. At Ryan Dental Group, Drs. Laura and Michael Ryan enjoy providing their younger patients with high-quality and comfortable dental healthcare that teaches them everything they need to know about their teeth and gums. We offer a variety of kid-friendly services that help prevent common oral health problems such as dental damage and cavities. To make sure your child has a fun, comfortable, and relaxed dental appointment, contact our office today!

It’s recommended by the American Dental Association that children begin seeing their family dentist by the time their first tooth appears. After that, it’s important to schedule semi-annual checkups and cleanings for them, just like with adults.

The first time you bring your little one to our office, we’ll provide them with a completely pain and stress-free visit that positively introduces them to their dental hygiene. Our children’s dentist will examine their teeth and gums and make sure that their mouth is developing as it should be. We also work with parents by offering hygiene suggestions and product recommendations to keep their new teeth healthy.

When your child gets a bit older and can understand more about their mouth and the environment that they’re in, we’ll introduce them to the tooth-cleaning tools we use so they know exactly what to expect each time they come in for an appointment. We go out of our way to make sure that your child enjoys visiting our office and never feels scared while they’re in our care. We also offer sedation dentistry for children who already have dental anxiety, to help them feel comfortable and relaxed while we take care of their mouth.

At Ryan Dental Group, we offer several kid-friendly preventive services that help protect and preserve their teeth and gums. That way, they can enjoy fewer oral and orthodontic problems down the road.

Sealants are clear coatings that we brush over their premolars to guard them against cavities. We use a special UV light to harden the coating, creating a strong barrier between their healthy enamel and harmful oral substances in their mouth like bacteria. Not only is this procedure fast and completely painless, but the sealants will last for up to 10 years, as long as we’re regularly maintaining them.

Cavities are a common oral health problem among children, especially as they’re still learning how to properly brush and floss their teeth. Our team can provide your child with tooth-colored fillings that flawlessly blend in with their smile while protecting their teeth from additional damage.

Protecting your child’s teeth is important. Dental damage is a common occurrence among children who grind and clench their teeth or participate in certain sports or hobbies. That’s why we offer customized mouthguards that cushion their teeth, jaw, and facial muscles from force and trauma.

Some children can benefit from receiving fluoride treatments to strengthen their enamel. This natural mineral helps build the protective outer layer of their teeth to keep them healthy. This is a fantastic and easy treatment for children who struggle with chronic tooth decay or don’t get enough fluoride in their diet.

Scheduling an Appointment

When your child is ready for a dental visit, contact Ryan Dental Group in Allen, Texas. Families from Lucas, Parker, Plano, McKinney, Fairview, and surrounding communities often turn to us for children’s dentistry because of our convenient location and reputation for comprehensive dental care. Bring your whole family to Ryan Dental Group and experience healthy smiles for life!