Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Those Who Need Advanced Care Are Welcome at Ryan Dental Group

Full-mouth reconstruction refers to a treatment plan designed to bring your smile back from extensive damage and cosmetic issues. By combining any number of restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments, the dentists at Ryan Dental Group in Allen, Texas can rehabilitate smiles ravaged by cavities, gum disease, broken teeth, missing teeth, and any other health or appearance issues to give you a whole, functional, and beautiful smile.

The first step of any full-mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive exam and assessment to determine which treatments you’ll need. We’ll take digital X-rays, use our intraoral cameras, make models of your teeth, and discuss any symptoms you’ve been experiencing with you to determine what problems need addressing. We’ll also talk about your smile goals with you; a full-mouth reconstruction is designed to not only bolster your oral health but to improve your smile’s appearance, too. We want the results to be as beautiful as they are functional. That’s why Dr. Michael Ryan is such a great choice to perform your full-mouth reconstruction; he’s a trained prosthodontist with special skills in repairing and replacing teeth with prosthetics and restorations.

Once we’ve spent a great deal of time fully planning your full-mouth reconstruction, we’ll move into the treatment phase. Depending on the treatments you need, your full-mouth reconstruction can take several appointments, but remember that these visits are moving you closer to excellent health. Treatments deployed during your full-mouth reconstruction can include:

As you can see, we bring together techniques from restorative and cosmetic dentistry to make sure you get the best results possible. And Ryan Dental Group uses modern, metal-free materials to make sure that all of our full-mouth reconstructions leave patients with natural-looking smiles.

How do you know if you need full-mouth reconstruction? A visit to a dentist for an exam will help you learn more about the oral health problems and damage that you may not see, but you can also look for signs like increased tooth pain, sensitivity, and loosening of your teeth. These conditions can signal tooth fractures, infection, and the need for extraction and replacement.

To find out more about undergoing full-mouth reconstruction at our Allen, Texas dental office, contact us for a consultation. We’ve performed treatments for patients from Lucas, Parker, Plano, McKinney, Fairview, and beyond, helping people just like you have a renewed sense of hope about their smiles. With sedation dentistry, we can make sure that your treatment is low stress, and we’ll work with you to guarantee that your budget won’t suffer. We want optimal health to be available to everyone. Experience complete care at Ryan Dental Group!