Painless Tooth Extraction

Trust the Team at Ryan Dental Group to Handle Damaged Teeth

Teeth may need to be permanently removed for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason for an extraction is when a tooth is infected to the point that it cannot be saved. In other cases, it might be broken or fractured beyond repair, or it has lost its support due to advanced periodontal disease. Additionally, if you suffer from tooth crowding, your orthodontist may recommend extraction of one or more teeth in roder to provide more room in your dental arch to allow proper alignment of the remaining teeth. Finally, some teeth (mostly wisdom teeth) fail to erupt due to a lack of space in the dental arch. These impacted teeth can cause a lot of harm to your oral health; it is often best to have them removed to prevent damage to good, functional teeth in your mouth. Our team at Ryan Dental Group can help you combat these situations quickly and effectively at our Allen, TX office.

The extraction process is simple enough. Before we work on the tooth, we will take an x-ray to assess its shape and position, as well as the surrounding bone. Most extractions can be done in our office. However, due to anatomical variations, it is sometimes in your best interest to have a specialist remove the tooth. If you happen to have this kind of situation, we will inform you and give you the names of some specialists that we trust.

Ryan Dental Group continues to serve Allen, Texas and surrounding communities like Parker, McKinney, Fairview, Plano, and Lucas, offering great restorative dentistry techniques to cover up the spaces that extractions leave in your smile. Do something positive for your oral health – contact us to make an appointment with either Dr. Michael Ryan or Dr. Laura Ryan.