General Dentistry

When you think about visiting the dentist, what comes to mind? It’s likely that the first thing you come up with is professional dental cleanings, and you’ll find this basic building block of oral health at Ryan Dental Group in Allen, Texas. You will also find so much more because we offer a range of general dentistry treatments to help prevent various common oral health issues and treat problems like gum disease and TMJ pain. When you think of trips to Ryan Dental Group, imagine a place where comprehensive general dentistry means more than just your typical cleanings and exams – it means ultimate oral health for every member of your family.

Preventive Dentistry
Children’s Dentistry
Periodontal Therapy
Nightguards and Athletic Mouthguards
Sedation Dentistry
Dental Exams
Professional Hygiene

When you look at our list of general dentistry services, you’ll see that we do things you just won’t find in every dental office. In addition to nightguards, we can also make athletic mouthguards for any sports players in your family. Because we offer these types of treatments, you can keep your care in one place and avoid having to visit a range of specialists to get exactly what you need.

The leading cause of tooth loss is gum disease, so making sure your gums are healthy is very important to us. That’s why our general dentistry services include periodontal therapy. There are various levels of periodontal therapy that can help those with mild, moderate, and even severe gum disease. During every visit to Ryan Dental Group, we’ll check you for signs of gum disease, and if we find any, we’ll draw up a periodontal treatment plan just for you.

In order to better serve your family, our general dentistry treatments for Allen and beyond include children’s dentistryDr. Laura Ryan has a history as a teacher, and she enjoys working with children. Today, she helps them through Ryan Dental Group, serving Allen families and educating little ones about how they can have lifelong smiles.

Ryan Dental Group continues to serve Allen, Texas and surrounding communities like Parker, McKinney, Fairview, Plano, and Lucas, offering extensive general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry to make sure that great smiles are available to area patients. Do something positive for your teeth – contact us to make an appointment with either Dr. Michael Ryan or Dr. Laura Ryan.